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Love Heart Belly Basket - Free Valentine's crochet pattern

Love Heart Belly Basket, a free tutorial 💕

This chunky belly basket is worked in the round and uses six strands of yarn held together, for a fun and quick make. Finished with heart-shaped pompoms! Scroll down for step by step pictures, instructions and stitch descriptions. 

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This project was originally created for the Knitcraft blog, the post can be found here. The yarn for the project was kindly gifted to me by Hobbycraft.


Knitcraft Cotton Blend 100g in Pink, Red, White
8mm hook
5cm pompom maker

Abbreviations - written in UK terminology

blo       back loop only
ch        chain
dc        double crochet (US single crochet)
rep       repeat
rnd       round
slst      slip stitch
st(s)     stitch(es)
inc       increase (two double crochet in one stitch)
dc2tog double crochet two stitches together

Stitch descriptions

Slip Stitch: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, pull new loop through first loop on hook

Double Crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through both loops

Double Crochet Two Together: Insert hook into stitch, without yarning over insert hook in next stich along from front to back, yarn over and pull up a loop through both stitches, yarn over and pull though both loops

Preparing the yarn

Taking your three balls of yarn, hold the three strands in your hand, and slowly wind them into a ball of three strands. Continue until you have wound around half of the yarn, or until the new ball weighs around 150g. Now cut your yarn, and hold the three strands of what’s left of your balls, plus the three strands of the yarn ball you just wound, and wind all six strands into a ball. You will now have a six-strand yarn ball to make the blanket with.
Work all six yarns together and treat them as one thread.

Basket Pattern

Rnd 1   Create a magic loop and make 6 dc into the loop, pull loop closed (6)

Rnd 2   2 dc in each stitch around (12)
Rnd 3   *1 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (18)
Rnd 4   *2 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (24)
Rnd 5   *3 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (30)
Rnd 6   *4 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (36)
Rnd 7   dc in back loop only of each stitch around (36)

Rnd 8   *5 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (42)
Rnd 9   *6 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (48)
Rnd 10 *7 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (54)
Rnd 11 *2dc, inc. Rep from * until end of rnd (72)
Rnd 12 In BLO *2dctog, 2dc. Rep from * until end of rnd (54)

Rnd 13 *7dc, 2dctog. Rep from * until end of rnd (48)
Rnd 14 *6dc, 2dctog. Rep from * until end of rnd (42)
Rnd 15 *5dc, 2dctog. Rep from * until end of rnd (36)
Rnd 16 *4dc, 2dctog. Rep from * until end of rnd (30)
Rvd 17 *5 ss, ch 10 and skip 5 sts, 5 ss. Rep from * once more (30)
Fasten off and weave in ends

Pom Pom Hearts

To make the pompom hearts, use just one strand of yarn at once.

Taking your pompom maker and one colour, wrap the pompom maker and create a round pompom as normal. Holding the pompom by the strings at the top, start to shape the bottom of the heart into a pointed cone shape.

Now cut a sharp V in the top of the pomp om, being careful not to cut the strings.
This will give you the basic heart shape, but will probably look very fluffy! Continue to trim, fluffing and turning the pompom regularly to refine the heart shape.

Attach your pompoms to your basket in between the handles and rounds 15 and 16.

I hope you have enjoyed this free pattern from Lindsey of Lottie and Albert. Find me on Instagram, Etsy, Ravelry and YouTube as @lottieandalbert, and find more free patterns on


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Rainbow Blanket Crochet/Knit A-Long - Yarn suggestions

 Getting Ready!

Hello everyone, I'm so excited to be hosting my first Crochet and Knit A-Long (CAL/KAL) next month for the Lottie and Albert Rainbow Blanket, and everyone is welcome to join in! It starts on 1 Feb and will run for a month. We'll be chatting on Instagram using the hashtag #rainbowblanketcal, and I'll be sure to sort out some rainbow prizes, to be drawn at random, for those who take part too!

You can find the crochet pattern here, and the knit version here. You will also need a 20mm hook, or 20mm circular needles with a 100cm cord.

The pattern uses 6 balls of 100g DK for the smallest lap blanket size (then multiples of 6 for the larger sizes, details in pattern) and so is a great stash buster! You are more than welcome to use your stash, but if you would like yarn suggestions from four different yarn companies, you can find them below. I have included Paintbox, Stylecraft, Marriner and Scheepjes, and for each brand there is a bright, pastel and neutral rainbow option!

I'll be posting some videos on my Instagram, @lottieandalbert, detailing how to wind the large yarn ball, and how to make half-treble crochets in the back loop only over the next few weeks.

Let me know if you plan on joining in! See you all soon.

Lindsey x

This post may contain affiliate links.

Click on the headings below to shop the yarn.

Paintbox Yarns Simply DK, £1.99

100% Acrylic, 100g (3.5oz), DK

Bright Rainbow

Tomato Red (112), Seville Orange (118), Daffodil Yellow (121), Grass Green (129), Kingfisher Blue (134), Bubblegum Pink (150)

Pastel Rainbow

Blush pink (153), Spearmint Green (125), Seafoam Blue (131), Banana Cream (120), Dusty Rose (141), Ballet Pink (152)

Neutral Rainbow

Soft Fudge (109), Vanilla Cream (107), Light Caramel (108), Champagne White (102), Paper White (100), Misty Grey (103)

 Stylecraft Special DK, £1.85

100% Acrylic, 100g (3.5oz), DK 

Bright Rainbow

Tomato (1723), Jaffa (1256), Citron (1263), Kelly Green (1826), Turquoise (1068), Fondant (1241)

Pastel Rainbow

Pale Rose (1080), Spring Green (1316), Sherbet (1034), Lemon (1020), Candyfloss (1130), Parma Violet (1724)

Neutral Rainbow

Buttermilk (1835), Cream (1005), Parchment (1218), Stone (1710), Camel (1420), Mushroom (1832)

Marriner Double Knit, £1 

100% Acrylic, 100g (3.5oz), DK

Bright Rainbow

Red, Jaffa, Sunrise, Cordial, Turquoise, Fondant

Pastel Rainbow

Pale Rose, Pink, Pale Blue, Lavender, Lemon (Supersoft Baby), Mint (Supersoft Baby)

Neutral Rainbow

White, Cream, Oatmeal, Chocolate, Grey (Supersoft Baby), Beige Spot (Mermaid Spot)

Scheepjes Colour Crafter, £2.39

100% Acrylic, 100g (3.5oz), DK 

Bright Rainbow

Amsterdam (1010), The Hague (1256), Leuven (2008), Malmedy (2014), Geraardsbergen (2011), Den Bosch (1241)

Pastel Rainbow

Venlo (1080), Almelo (1316), Leerdam (1263), Urk (1034), Heerlen (1432), Lelystad (1026)

Neutral Rainbow

Barneveld (1005), Ermelo (1710), Hasselt (2010), Bergen (1420), Zandvoort (1218), Verviers (2017)




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